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Foster the Mind is a 501(c)3 organization with a vision to utilize the latest advances in brain-based treatment modalities to improve the lives of abused, foster care, and adopted populations and their families. We want to give hope and change lives! 

Child maltreatment (physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and neglect) is associated with a wide range of psychiatric disorders such as developmental trauma, attachment disorders, and PTSD, as well as stress-related medical conditions. In 2015, the CDC released the results of a study that estimated the US economic burden of child maltreatment to be $2 trillion, representing lifetime costs incurred annually. The lifetime consequences of early maltreatment on mental and physical health amplifies the toll on individuals and families, whose lives are often disrupted, and on society at large due to the enormous direct and indirect costs of illness and relational dysfunction.  

Foster the Mind was created to provide mental health treatment for the abused, foster care, and adopted populations and their families at reduced to no cost using the latest advances in brain training technology and treatment, specifically neurofeedback and other forms of neuromodulation. 

Although there are many effective mental health treatments, Foster the Mind offers individualized treatment modalities that assist the brain in healing and recovery from abuse, trauma and many other mental health concerns, resulting in a greater quality of life and potentially reducing long-term health costs.

Foster the Mind also desires to cultivate collaboration among mental health treatment providers by bridging services, resources, and clinicians together in a connected national and global community that better serves the abused, foster care, and adopted populations.

While Foster the Mind's goal is to provide help to a population that rarely has access to this type of treatment, mental health treatment is also provided to the general public. Any fee for services to the general public will provide additional funding for abused, foster care, and adopted clients. 

Foster the Mind's ultimate vision is to create a residential living facility with a low staff to resident ratio that provides short and long-term, brain-based, holistic treatment for abused and neglected children and adolescents in crisis with comprehensive individual and family treatment that establishes a foundation for hope and healing. 

Mikael Stanton E.jpg
Mikael Stanton
President of the Board

Mike Stanton is a Sales Professional with over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and service industries. Mike also served as a counselor for MHMR – Tarrant Youth Recovery Campus providing inpatient and outpatient treatment to adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

Mike has been married to his wife Ashlea for 18 years and is the father to four children. He is actively involved in his church serving in various leadership positions.  He is excited and honored to be part of Foster the Mind.

Mike graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and is currently employed as the Midwest and Canadian Area Sales Manager for WAM Inc.

rachel basham small.png
Rachel Basham
Marketing / Secretary of the Board
MBA, BBA Marketing

Rachel Basham is a marketing professional with 16 years of experience. While she’s worked in many industries, her favorite is being in the nonprofit world. Doing for others, spreading joy, and making the world a better place is her passion, and she is excited to make a difference by being a part of Foster the Mind.


She is actively involved in the PTA at her children’s elementary school. She wants to be involved with Foster the Mind because she believes in all children and giving them every opportunity to be successful.

She graduated from the University of North Texas with a BBA in Marketing and later completed her MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is currently in marketing at Plummer in Fort Worth, Texas.

Carolyn 4.30.2019.jpg
Dr. Carolyn Self
Treasurer of the Board
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Carolyn began her professional life working with 2nd through 7th grade children from a high crime area. These same children had burned down the school gym the year before she arrived. For her efforts to help these youngsters beautify and relate to their environment in a positive way, she was nominated by the Dallas school system for the Outstanding Young Educator Award. 


Later, as a Child Development Specialist in another high crime and underprivileged area, she and a colleague started a program allowing children and mothers to work together on the child’s school work.  With sensitive interventions by the facilitators, the mothers, who themselves had marginalized academic skills, and the children could both progress. 


 After going to North Texas State University in Denton, Texas, to pursue her doctoral degree, she worked in the Counseling and Testing Center. There she and a colleague founded the Center for Career Choice, the CCC. She conceived the name, designed the logo and produced a monthly Newsletter for the CCC.   


She was awarded a $10,000 grant for her doctoral study on the treatment of Anxiety, Phobic Avoidance and Depression.


After leaving academia, she opened a private practice providing counseling for mental health issues, which she has been doing for 30 years.  During this time she has designed and directed two residential programs to treat anxiety and depression.  At present Carolyn is happily involved at her clinic the Anxiety,  Mood and Phobia Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bryan Butler
Chief Passion Officer
Licensed Professional Counselor
Board Certified in Neurofeedback

Helping the abused, neglected and foster care population has been a lifelong passion for Bryan. His early experiences with abused children were with youth groups. After college, his role as a Behavioral Therapist working with emotionally disturbed children increased his awareness of the long term mental health problems that arise from abuse.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Theology / Psychology from Hardin – Simmons University and his Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

As the founder of Foster the Mind, Bryan is dedicated full-time to his role as the Chief Passion Officer, working tirelessly to expand the reach of brain-based therapies for abused and neglected children. 

Josh close up.jpg
Josh Holland
Board Certified Neurofeedback Technician

Joshua Holland got an early start working with youth in 2012 with the Changing Course Foundation on high ropes courses. He instructed in safety and interacting with children and young adults in a positive and meaningful way.

Josh has worked as a job coach for visually impaired students. He also has extensive experience with the foster care system in Texas and has worked with at-risk youth.

After attending Sul Ross State University and earning 50 hours, he is currently continuing his education in neuroscience.

Kendall Duke.jpg
Kendall Duke
Neurofeedback Technician

Kendall graduated from Rhodes College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies. Through the education department she focused on community and social change, making social and emotional health in classrooms her primary study focus. While in school she worked as a teaching aid in Memphis public schools and also worked with the Ira Samelson Jr. Boys & Girls club. 


After graduating she worked as a behavioral youth counselor at a residential treatment facility offering mental health services for at risk youth. During her time there she discovered Neurofeedback therapy and has been pursuing this field ever since. 


She is currently continuing her education in both neuroscience and is pursuing  graduate level studies in counseling.

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